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Rose has carefully curated her unique approach to yoga and fitness into three specialized classes that you can learn about below. Rose streams classes online via Zoom and has added some additional in-person classes at Bonair Winery and Whitman Hill Winery. Check out the Schedule page for the weekly class schedule and sign up for a class using MindBody 

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Zaha Yoga

The name Zaha came to Rose simply by taking the "ill" out of Zillaha! Moving with awareness of the breath and maintaining length in the spine is encouraged during this class. Typical yoga postures are adapted and modified to suit everybody. You will not find extreme backbends or twists, as those postures may be detrimental for many bodies. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself a smile!


Thera Yoga

A chair is used for part of this class. Students are encouraged to place a folded blanked on the seat of their chair, to lift their hips slightly above the knees and make it easier lengthen the spine.  There will be some standing exercises and some floor exercises. You may choose to use a recliner or your bed for the floor work if you prefer. Other props that may be used if available: hand weights, blankets, bolsters, pillows, wall, floor, ledge, stool, or countertop. 



Yoga/HIIT is an exuberant class with music to enhance the pace. Shake, rattle, & roll to your heart's content in intervals between sets of bicep curls using your favorite hand weights.
We begin class with gentle stretching and a balance pose or two, to ground ourselves with awareness. Any and all props are encouraged in this light-hearted class.

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